Bristlecone Ranch

Introducing Bristlecone Ranch: A Forthcoming Marvel of Modern, Industrial, and Rustic Architecture.

Envisioned to stand proudly at an impressive elevation of 9,200 feet, bordering a National Forest just outside Denver, Colorado, Bristlecone Ranch is an ambitious project that promises to redefine luxury living. This future home, sprawling over 20,000 square feet, is a harmonious blend of modern, industrial, and rustic styles, crafted for those who seek an extraordinary living space.



A Vision of Sustainable Luxury

Bristlecone Ranch is being designed with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The plan includes an off-grid power system comprising an 88-panel solar field, supported by a 48 kW generator and a 4,600-gallon propane tank, ensuring a self-sufficient and eco-friendly dwelling.

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Architectural Grandeur in Progress

Upon completion, the ranch-style house, extending 226 feet in length, will welcome its residents with a majestic entryway, featuring a 33-foot ceiling adorned with Douglas Fir Timbers and a striking 50-foot exposed steel I beam. The centerpiece, the Great Room, is designed to incorporate exposed cedar trusses from the original structure, dual seating areas, a full bar, a game room area, and a spacious dining table.


Culinary Mastery in the Making

The kitchen, envisioned to be a culinary artist’s dream, will boast two islands with custom hickory cabinets, an under-the-stairs wine room, and a bespoke coffee bar. Planned appliances include a full-size standalone Miele fridge and freezer, a matte black and copper Bluestar Range, dual dishwashers, and warming drawers. A supplementary scullery is designed to add more functionality with additional appliances and a custom steel display case.

“Blending modern and rustic designs at a breathtaking elevation, this project is set to redefine what luxury living means.”

Dean Jensen, CEO


Planned Features

  • Four Seasons Room: Designed to be bathed in natural light with two 8’x16’ skylights and windows on all sides.
  • Fireplaces: Four in total, including a unique double-sided fireplace in the primary suite.
  • Home Theater: Planned with a cathedral ceiling, full bar, and tiered seating.
  • Outdoor Living: A 45-foot wide Doug Fir truss on the main deck and a hot tub deck off the primary suite.
  • Primary Bath: To feature a steam shower, dual shower heads, a freestanding concrete tub, and high-end plumbing finishes.
  • Vault Room: A planned hidden room with a Fort Knox Biometric Lock Vault Door.
  • Smart Home Features: A fully integrated smart system is in the works.
  • Wellness Center: A gym with a custom sauna and cold plunge, accessible from the Primary Suite.

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Children’s Enchantment

The design includes imaginative loft spaces in the children’s bedrooms, making the most of the expansive ceiling heights.


Accessibility Designed

An elevator is planned to ensure effortless movement across this luxurious home.


Preserving Tradition

A part of the project involves renovating a 3-bedroom, 2-bath mother-in-law suite, maintaining a connection to the home’s original essence.


Your Invitation to Be Part of Bristlecone Ranch

Bristlecone Ranch is more than a construction project; it’s a vision coming to life. A blend of grand design, innovative technology, and natural splendor, this home is set to become a beacon of luxury living. We invite you to follow the journey of Bristlecone Ranch and our continued work in Colorado.

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