Our Process

How we Design

How we Build


Initial Meeting

In this initial meeting you will learn more about your project and understand your goals while meeting our expert team who will be involved in bringing your vision to life.


Schematic Phase

In the schematic phase, we will determine the overall scope of the project and design by designing floor plans that align with your requirements. From there, we will collaborate with you to refine the initial concepts and create a solid foundation for the design.


Design Phase

The design phase is where we will foster collaboration between our design and architecture teams, finalizing the design based on your feedback and preferences. We will combine aesthetic appeal, functionality, and innovation to create comprehensive design solutions.


Estimation Phase

Once the design is complete, we will identify hard numbers and establish a budget, finalizing the scope of the project to provide accurate cost estimates. We ensure transparency by providing detailed cost breakdowns and exploring cost-saving opportunities.


Signing Phase

The signing phase is where you will obtain your sign-off on the final budget and construction plans as well as address any remaining concerns or questions to ensure your confidence in moving forward.


Production Phase

It’s now time to bring your project to life through meticulous construction and attention to detail. There will be regular communication and project updates to keep you informed and involved throughout the process.


Finish and Warranty Phase

In this final stage, we will obtain your sign-off on the completed project, activate the warranty to safeguard your investment to provide peace of mind and also address any post-construction needs promptly and efficiently.